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We develop technology and strategy
in seed genetics and biostimulants.



Horus is the alliance of the most advanced seed genetics, together with the most innovative microbiological technology, offering our clients a greater value proposal.
We are in a strategy of continuous global expansion, investing in the internationalization of our technologies.

We have a technical and commercial versatile approach and we are constantly evaluating and adapting our seeds and biological products in different agronomic approaches, framed in a demanding process of quality control and R&D. We create and promote continuous improvement, innovation, adaptation and efficiency of processes and products.

Biostimulants composed of pools of live beneficial microorganisms and the most exclusive extracts of algae, unique of the Bretagne region.

We develop technology and strategy in seed genetics and biostimulants

Investigation and development

Seeds Division, We develop the most advanced germplasm in Wheat, Soybean and Corn seeds.

Bio Division, We research and develop biostimulants, biocontrollers and derivatives, formulated based on beneficial microorganisms and plant extracts.


Seeds Division, We cover the complete operational process: production, processing, storage and final logistics.

Bio Division, We have the most advanced and complete portfolio of biological products on the market, providing alternatives for every productive need.

Investigation and development

We develop a network of commercial partners strategically located to supply the main productive areas of the country.

Our warehouses are conveniently located to provide quickly to all our customers.

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